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Ancient Capital of Wu Kingdom
    In the 5,000- year history of Chinese nation, there are two cities named Wuchang: the present one is Wuchang District of Wuhan city, and Ezhou City was also named Wuchang in ancient time
    Ancient Wuchang (Ezhou) had witnessed the stateliness of the Wu Kingdom Capital, the great teams of ships and the large groups of merchants. During the Spring and Autumn Period(770 B.C--476B.C), the king of Chu conferred the title “King of E State” on his son---Xiong Hong who once built the castle for himself here.
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A City of Metallurgy
    Along the Yangtze River to the east from Wuhan, the three cities of Wuhan, Ezhou and Huangshi are known for metallurgy forming a backbone of the “metallurgy corridor” in Hubei province. In this backbone, Wuhan Steel and Iron Works and Ezhou Steel and Iron Works are joined.
    Dating back to the Bronze Age, Ezhou was one of the 4 foundry centers of bronze mirror in ancient China. Since Wu Kingdom, it has been famed as the world “hometown of ancient bronze mirrors”.
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A City with numerous lakes
    Ezhou is known for its lakes and built on waters. Nearly 113 lakes of various sizes and shapes dot this landscape of Ezhou. Among them are Liangzi Lake, Ya’er Lake, Sanshan Lake, Huama Lake, Mu’e Lake, Honglian Lake, Yanglan Lake and so on. The total water area amounts to 4.3 million hectares There are more than 80 kinds of aquatic products and more than 100 kinds of aquatic plants,making Ezhou the important gene tank of fresh water plants in Asia.
    Liangzi Lake is one of the Wetland National Nature Reserves in China. The scenery here is great charming and attractive.
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A City of Science and Technology
    Taking advantages of the opportunities of the reform and opening policy, Ezhou founded Hubei Gedian Economic and Technology Development Zone in 1990--the first development zone in Hubei province
    Gedian is a splendid land. Ge Hong, a Taoist and medical scientist of Eastern Tsin Dynasty, settled down here. Perhaps due to the respect of nature or perhaps due to the pursuit of health, the thought of human life being in a highly harmony with nature gave the birth of the high and new technology industry zone, which is registered as “China Medical Valley”
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A City Suitable for Living
   Waves of the Yangtze and riffles of the lakes make Ezhou a picturesque city: adjacent to the longest river in China, resting at the foot of mountains. Inside the city, there are lakes, in which there are smaller hills. Hills, waters and people in the town form a spectacular view Nearly 30 large or medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises have been set up in Gedian such as Spring Biological Engineering Stocks Co. Ltd., Human Well Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, An Zhi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Kang Yuan pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Haosun pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. etc. The first group of well-known multinationals have invested here,
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Ezhou scenery