A City of Metallurgy


           Along the Yangtze River to the east from Wuhan, the three cities of Wuhan, Ezhou and Huangshi are known for metallurgy forming a backbone of the “metallurgy corridor” in Hubei province. In this backbone, Wuhan Steel and Iron Works and Ezhou Steel and Iron Works are joined.

   Dating back to the Bronze Age, Ezhou was one of the 4 foundry centers of bronze mirror in ancient China. Since Wu Kingdom, it has been famed as the world “hometown of ancient bronze mirrors”.

            Abundant mineral resources have become the development foundation of Ezhou City. Currently, the proven iron ore reserve in Ezhou ranks the 2nd in Hubei province, while the proven nonmetal mineral reserve such as bentonite, perlite and other 31 kinds of non-metallic mineral ranks the first in Hubei province. In recent yeas, by taking the advantages of the resources and developing the special industries, Ezhou has formed a metallurgy industry group of the iron ore exploiting and the iron and steel making.
          Between Ezhou Steel and Iron Works and Wuhan Steel and Iron Works, Ezhou has built a industry chain of metallurgy. The Chenchao Iron Refinery is the largest production base of iron ore owned by WISCO (Wuhan Steel and Iron Works) in Hubei Province. Ezhou Pelletization of WISCO is the largest pelletization base in Asia, a 5milllion-ton annually project has been put into production, and the second one is under construction now.
          In 2005, Ezhou Steel and Iron Works and Wuhan Steel and Iron Works are joined and reorganized successfully, which is a wonderful recombination of the industries of the two cities. After that, Wuhan Iron and Steel Works increased its investment to Ezhou Steel and Iron Works. And a cold-rolled sheet production with an annual output of 600,000 tons line has been newly built and has been put into production. And the construction of a broad thick plate production line is under way. Ezhou, a part of the “metallurgical corridor” in the past, has developed into a new city of metallurgy.