A City with numerous lakes
        Ezhou is known for its lakes and built on waters. Nearly 113 lakes of various sizes and shapes dot this landscape of Ezhou. Among them are Liangzi Lake, Ya’er Lake, Sanshan Lake, Huama Lake, Mu’e Lake, Honglian Lake, Yanglan Lake and so on. The total water area amounts to 4.3 million hectares There are more than 80 kinds of aquatic products and more than 100 kinds of aquatic plants,making Ezhou the important gene tank of fresh water plants in Asia.
        Liangzi Lake is one of the Wetland National Nature Reserves in China. The scenery here is great charming and attractive. It is one of top ten famous freshwater lakes in China and the 2nd largest fresh water lake in Hubei Province. It is also the original producing area of the authentic Wuchang Fish.
       Liangzi Island is just like a Xanadu far away from the traffic and pollution in a city, with a big and open wetland, plenty of sun shine, fresh air, lush vegetation, and the singing of waterfowls. The people of both Ezhou Liangzi County and Wuhan Jiangxia County live here harmoniously.
       Liangzi Lake is on the west of Huangshi City, the North of Xianling city and the east of Wuhan City. It connects the four cities and helps to strengthen the bond among them. Liangzi Fishing Tourism Festival and Wu Chang Fish International Culture Tourism Festival which are both held here attract countless people all over the world.
       In the middle of last century, a praise on Wu Chang Fish from Mao Zedong’s poem made Ezhou become well-known at home and abroad. The public company named after Wu Chang Fish now becomes the “bibcock” in Agricultural Industrialization.